THIS IS Strategic Link
"We saw Chelsea Industries
as a spring company -
not just an automotive spring company."

Since 1996, the Strategic Link marketing process has stood the test of time. Even though client needs fluctuate, the one thing that does not change is our volume of repeat business. We are proud to say that each of our clients has engaged us in multiple stand alone projects due to their high level of satisfaction with our initial deliverable.

The Strategic Link consulting team has practical industry experience across a breadth of Fortune 500 firms. Our team is directed by partners who spent the first part of their careers on your side of the desk in operations and management positions. We spent too many years buying and implementing cookie cutter plans from tier one consulting firms and found that these plans looked good on paper but didn’t deliver results.

We believe our clients are already expert in their own business. We add value by developing quick cycle projects to assess how well you are selling your value to your customers, identifying markets that appreciate in value and recommending strategies to optimize how that value is communicated. It is our unique process that makes us successful across many industries, including technology, health care, professional services, automotive and software.


Bringing the key element of successful consumer marketing strategies,
behavioral marketing,
to the business-to-business arena.
We link products and services
to the right customer
in the right way.

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