Strategic Link EXPERTISE

"We used our customized process to identify's killer app and develop the
business plan that left their parent company
and venture capitalists wanting more

• Product optimization

• Competitive benchmarking

• Client retention

• Marketing plans

• New Industry research

• Feasibility study

• Market Awareness plans

• Product/service plans

• Business plans

• Service repositioning

• Win-loss analysis

• Communications plans

• Client base diversification

Product Optimization:
We match your product's relevant attributes to its target market – we tell you who to sell to and the most effective way to sell to them. We tell you what to showcase to increase sales, including a plan to reach the target market.
Competitive Benchmarking:
We identify opportunities and threats to your product or service and identify how they stack up against competitors in terms of price, customer perception and value.
Client Retention:
We show you how to move those who purchase from you once to clients that continue to purchase from you and recommend you. We identify optimal client service plans; recommend incentives and client loyalty programs.
Market Awareness:
We determine and validate the target market and develop a strategy to increase awareness of your product or service within and outside of your core industry.
Marketing Plan:
We develop quick cycle projects to assess how well you are selling your value to your customer, target markets that appreciate in value and develop stategies to optimize how that value is communicated.
We determine the current market needs for your product or service within and outside of your core industry we analyze the competitive landscape and identify opportunities for new entrants.



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